Lucas Ali: My First Time

Lucas Ali: My First Time - When I was 17, I was still questioning whether or not I like the guys that way. You know⦠I had a girlfriend and loved

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Lucas Ali: My First Time

Posted on: May 01, 2017

When I was 17, I was still questioning whether or not I like the guys that way. You know⦠I had a girlfriend and loved fucking her, and I also had a best friend who was gay. When we were 15, he talked me into messing around with him. And I absolutely hated it. So from then on I knew I was not gay, definitely not. Well, fast forward a couple of years to when I'm 17. A junior in high school well, that's forward a few years to the summer before my senior year of high school. I was 17 years old, and had a car. I spent the weekends usually driving around or going to other cities. This particular weekend in question, I was in Indianapolis. If any of you know Indianapolis, you know that there is somewhat of a gay scene there. All these years later, it's still my number one city for escorting. Anyway, my friend and I were at this coffee shop that is known to be frequented by gay people. I think they close at like 8 o'clock or something. Maybe later than that. But since we were not 21 yet, coffee shops were the only place I could really go to hang out and meet new people. Are used to frequent them a lot. Anyway, there was a group of people talking, and I was part of it. When it was closing time, this guy that I have been talking to ask if I could give him a ride. And so I said sure, and ditched my friend. So while I'm giving this guy a ride across town, he pulls his huge dick out of his pants. And he asked me if I want to fuck. I don't know if I was giving him the vibe that I did or if he was just shooting in the dark, but whatever it was it worked. I told him I've never been fucked before. And he told me that he knew how to do it and that he would be gentle with me. So we stopped at a drugstore, and I bought condoms and lubricant. Back in the day, before I knew that there was a such thing as a really good lube, so used Astro glide of course. Anyway we got to his place, and we went upstairs. We were in the bedroom, but he told me that he was staying with a friend and that we shouldn't fuck on his bed because it was his friends bed. So we laid on the carpet. I couldn't believe how big his dick was, and it really made me think that I have a small one. of course later on, I just realize that he had a really big one. It didn't take him long before he was with a condom on and over me trying to push his big dick inside. It hurt, and he said it would probably be easier if you tried to ride it. So I got on top. Still, though, it wasn't going in. So he said you know it would be easier without this condom. he promised me he was disease free, and I let him take it off. Before you know it his dick was a good eight or 9 inches inside of me. It hurt and felt amazing all at the same time. And by the end of it my knees were a rug burn like crazy and I had a big smile on my face. I knew at that moment, that I was bisexual. At the very least. I went to target, and bought the new Britney Spears cd, and jammed on it all the way home! I never saw him again, but I think about him all the time.

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